What’s the hype around jojoba oil?  Keep reading to find out!

Jojoba oil is one of the most underrated oils you can use to help protect your skin.  There are so many different reasons to love it.  In this article we are going to cover the many Jojoba oil benefits for the skin.  First, we are going to cover Jojoba oil for the skin and its non-acnegenic properties.  Next we are going to move into how it is anti-aging (or at least can reduce the  appearance of aging).  Last, we will talk about how gentle and non allergenic jojoba seed oil is.  It is truly one of the most superpowered natural oils we have in our arsenal, and it is well worth a deep dive into its amazing properties.  

Jojoba oil comes from a small shrub or tree that grows in the Arizona and California desert.  Funnily enough, it thrives in the driest climate, but produces a nut with many incredible properties.  This nut is then turned into the more well known “Jojoba Oil”, which is a well known remedy for acne, dry skin, and many other skin conditions.  Jojoba oil is moisturizing, antibacterial, non comedogenic (meaning it does not clog pores and cause acne).  These are just a few of the amazing benefits we will delve deeper into.  Let us start with jojoba oil’s non-acnegenic and/or non comedogenic properties.  Jojoba oil does not clog your pores because it is so similar in its makeup to the sebum (oil) your skin creates naturally on its own.  Therefore, when applied to your skin, especially on your face, your pores can’t tell the difference.  This means that it is safe to apply to the skin, and you will reap the incredible moisturizing properties of jojoba oil for the skin, without ever having to worry about it causing acne.  In fact, it even helps control the sebum your skin makes (this is for all you oily skin types out there!) So say hello to balanced, soothed, moisturized skin.  Jojoba oil is a major ingredient of our face oil serum and a major reason why Most Wanted Radiant Facial Oil is the “face oil for people who can’t wear face oil”.  We know facial oils can be tricky. That’s why we spent two years formulating Most Wanted Radiant Facial Oil just for you. Suitable for ALL skin types (including sensitive and acne-prone skin) Most Wanted is THE face oil for people who “can’t use face oil.”

We searched far and wide seeking answers from aestheticians, dermatologists and YOU to create the perfect all-natural blend of luxurious, high-performing oils that you wanted most.  Most Wanted is infused with 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD, and packed with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that calm, soothe and revitalize the skin. This unique blend of supercharged ingredients has been expertly formulated to deeply moisturize and restore the skin’s natural balance, revealing a clear and radiant glow.  The Jojoba oil moisturizes your skin and sends a message to your follicles that you do not need to produce extra oil to hydrate your skin.  This is why it is a big misunderstanding or “myth” that oils are going to give your skin more acne, when in fact they have the power to clean and soothe your skin and give you a very even complexion.  

Next, let us get into how jojoba oil benefits for skin include anti-aging properties! Jojoba oil is high in antioxidants, especially in Vitamin E.  Vitamin E is a very well known anti-aging treatment.  It is best known for anti-aging for a few reasons.  The first is that it is effective in treating hyperpigmentation (sometimes known as melasma).  Those would be the darker patches on your skin, and sometimes the spots on your skin that sometimes remain after a zit.  Topical use of Vitamin E is known to assist in lightening these spots and bringing them back to the color of your skin.  Vitamin E is also very helpful in minimizing scars.  So wether you have acne scars or other scars, jojoba oil has been recommended by skincare experts to help minimize the appearance of scars.   Jojoba oil for the skin is also beneficial because it contains vitamins A and D as well. Vitamin A is amazing for the maintenance of healthy skin.  It hydrates and gives you that effortless glow.  Vitamin D on the other hand is amazing for protection and rejuvenation of the dermis.  It helps with skin cell growth, and repair.  Vitamin D also helps keep away free radicals that would cause premature aging.  Therefore Jojoba oil benefits for the skin are that you are preventing and slowing down aging with this super powered ingredient! As previously mentioned, Jojoba oil is a main ingredient in our Most Wanted Radiant Facial Oil, but it is also a main ingredient in our CBD pain relief cream and our natural hand creamDO NOT DISTURB Extra Strength Body Cream is a deeply relaxing and restorative moisturizing body cream infused with an extra strength dose of 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD. Formulated with a unique blend of essential oils and natural extracts to calm your senses and put your mind and body at ease.  On the other hand (pun intended!) NECESSITY is an uplifting and revitalizing moisturizing cream infused with 250mg of Broad Spectrum CBD. Bergamot, Vetiver and Citrus oils refresh the body while Mango Seed and Shea butters nourish and deeply condition the skin, leaving you feeling recharged and balanced throughout the day.  We highly recommend using jojoba oil not only on your face, but on your body and hands (which often are ignored when using anti-aging ingredients!)  Oxidative stress can lead to wrinkles, and jojoba oil’s antioxidant properties have been shown to slow the signs of aging.  Another way that jojoba oil helps your skin stay looking fresh and young is that the antioxidants and vitamins in jojoba oil may help your body produce collagen.  Collagen is a protein found in your body’s bones, muscles, and skin.  Think of it as a scaffold that gives your skin  strength and structure.  As you age, your body naturally slows its collagen production.  This is the reason your skin loses that “supple” look as you age.  But worry not!  Studies show that applying jojoba oil topically can improve your body and face’s collagen synthesis!

Finally, let’s get into how gentle of an ingredient jojoba oil for the skin is. It is hypoallergenic, and very safe to use topically on the skin.  Many skin professionals recommend it for people with sensitive skin.  It has been called especially helpful in soothing the skin of people who have eczema and psoriasis.  Adding a few drops of jojoba oil to a flare up can greatly reduce the inflammation in very little time.  Our products are made with all the most super powered plant based ingredients, because we know that natural ingredients are the key to delivering products that truly work.  Some last things we want to tell you about jojoba oil’s benefits for the skin are that it may speed up wound healing, and can help soothe sunburns. Although further research is being done on the benefits of jojoba oil, there is at least one study that shows how this powerful oil “encourages” your skin cells to bind together after they’ve been pulled apart by a scratch or cut.  This study can also be linked to why jojoba oil is so beneficial for acne and acne scarring.  As far as sunburn is concerned, it is helpful in soothing it once again because of its Vitamin E content.  Since sunburn can cause your skin to flake and be extremely dry, it is assisted in returning to its natural state by the vitamins and omegas contained in jojoba oil.  

We really appreciate you reading through this article to discover the many benefits of Jojoba Oil’s benefits for the skin.  Hopefully this helped shed some light on why we use this incredible plant-powered ingredient in our products.  As always you more than welcome to email us with your questions at

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