What is Rosacea?

Today, we are talking all about Rosacea.  What is it, what are its causes, and what are some natural remedies for rosacea. According to the US Government, more than 14 million people are currently living with rosacea.  Not only that but it can affect anyone, at almost any age.  The severity of rosacea cases depends case by case, but regardless, there is plenty to help alleviate the symptoms if you or a loved one is suffering from rosacea.  Before we get into any natural rosacea treatments, let’s first get clear on what rosacea is and what are its causes.  According to the Mayo Clinic, rosacea is a condition that causes redness and often small red, pus-filled bumps on the face. It most commonly affects middle aged women with fair skin, and can sometimes be mistaken for acne.  The main symptoms are facial redness with swollen red bumps and small visible blood vessels.  The earlier someone can identify rosacea the better, as it tends to worsen when left untreated.  Luckily, there are many natural rosacea treatments and natural remedies for rosacea.
H2: Start on the Inside
The most important thing you can do when dealing with rosacea is to consult your physician and dermatologist.  Specialists will have the best solutions catered specifically for you and your skin.  The information in this article is not intended to be used in lieu of medical advice.  We are only here to share additional information to help you on your journey, but we always recommend consulting with your doctor first.  Before we get into natural remedies for rosacea, let’s talk a little bit more about the symptoms.  Rosacea can be caused by a long list of things, but the most common are exposure to sunlight (remember to always wear your SPF!!) stress, strenuous exercise, dramatic variations in temperature, alcohol, and certain foods (many people report rosacea flare ups after eating spicy foods, for example).  It can also be genetic (aka it runs in the family).  One of the most common things a physician will recommend for rosacea is starting the solution on the inside.

Natural Rosacea Treatments

Dr. Hyman from suggests that our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside our bodies. In chatting with Dr. LePine, Dr. Hyman discovered that rosacea triggers include alcohol consumption, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and leaky gut amongst other things.  The reason to look into natural rosacea treatment is to get rid of the problem at its core.  While most people would like a topical solution that will make the symptoms go away immediately, in the long run it is better to heal the body and the skin from the inside out - this is what will result in long-term effects.
The first thing you can do to treat rosacea from the inside is to start removing the foods from your diet that might be causing it.  Start with alcohol and spicy foods, and via process of elimination you should be able to tell within a few weeks if food or alcohol is the cause of your rosacea.  People have also found that eliminating sugar, processed foods, fried foods, dairy, and caffeine helped them get rid of or reduce their rosacea symptoms.  As mentioned previously, we suggest eliminating one or two of these things at the time, so that you can find out exactly which foods might be causing the irritation.
Another helpful tip to try to heal rosacea from the inside is to support your liver and gallbladder.  Rosacea natural treatment would include fresh fruits, leafy greens, and sprouted nuts and seeds.  There are a lot of cleansing herbs that you can drink in tea to support cleansing your liver, gallbladder and blood - the best ones are milk thistle, burdock root, nettle root, olive leaf, dandelion root, and chaparral.  For vegetables, earring dandelion leaf (or arugula), cilantro, spinach, parsley, and wheatgrass are all amazing ways to support your internal organs.  Some doctors additionally recommend adding a probiotic into your diet.
Additionally, checking in with your doctor and finding out if there are any vitamins that could be beneficial to your skin and body could also be helpful.  Last but not least, we want to talk about supplements for rosacea natural treatment. Many have found their solution in taking fresh aloe vera juice, coconut oil, or selenium as an additional supplement to their diet.  As always, it’s worth talking about with your doctor before taking any supplement.
We hope this article was helpful in starting your journey to finding rosacea natural treatments.  There are so many natural as well as not-natural solutions to treating rosacea, it is just a matter of trying things out and finding out what works best for you, your body, and your skin.  Seeking the help of a licensed professional should always be your step one in finding the proper care and solutions. We also have an article here about Soothing Redness on Your Face, for anyone with unwanted redness that is not coming from Rosacea.  In addition, our Most Wanted Radiant Facial Oil has gotten hundreds of 5-star reviews from people with acne, rosacea, redness, scarring, etc.  If you wish to try it and see if it works for you, we offer 15% off all first time purchases with the code FEELSLIKEFAM.

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