In recent years, CBD has gained a lot of hype. Well known for its uses in pain, inflammation, and anxiety, most people have heard of it and now understand its distinction from its psychoactive cannabis counterpart, THC. Most commonly used topically or internally as a sleep aid, pain aid, or anti-anxiety aid, there’s a myriad of uses for CBD that have yet to go mainstream. 

What has also gained a lot of hype is mindful sun exposure , and figuring out the best ways to protect your skin from the harmful effects of excess sun exposure. We all want to maintain youthful, healthy and clear skin while using products we trust and that will benefit us long term. This is where CBD meets sun care.

One of CBD’s uses which has yet to go mainstream is using CBD after sunburn as a healing treatment. Whether it’s before or after sun exposure, and whether you're burnt to a crisp or just got a healthy glow, CBD is a useful and healthy ingredient to add to your sun care regimen. Whether you want to prolong your tan or treat a sunburn, CBD offers some surprising benefits for after-sun care. 

What Happens to Your Skin After a Sunburn? 

A sunburn is the skin’s reaction to ultraviolet (UV) light  radiation. The sun emits both UVA and UVB. UVA is long wavelengths that penetrate the skin and lead to accelerated skin aging and potential skin cancer risk. UVB light is shorter wavelength, penetrating the skin on a more superficial level, leading to the red, inflamed sunburns. The inflammation is a response to too much UV light from the sun that your body was not prepared for. This causes your immune system to react with inflammation and DNA damage. 

Once the inflammation calms over the next few days, the deeper levels of skin start to reproduce rapidly to replace the damaged top layer of skin, causing peeling and flaking of this skin. The top layer of skin is then signaled to produce more melanin to better protect from sun exposure in the future. That is what is responsible for the beautiful tan many people hope to experience after sun exposure. On the other hand, increased melanin can also accentuate unwanted hyperpigmentation like sun spots or acne scars. 

Why Is CBD Good for Sunburns

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found in marijuana and hemp.CBD lotion for sunburns is an amazing treatment both preventatively and as an after care treatment. CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent, antibacterial agent, and a potent yet natural pain reliever.  Since sunburns are a result of inflammation, CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects will help to soothe this process and speed up healing and regeneration. Because sunburns make your skin especially sensitive and prone to infection, CBD’s bacteria fighting properties will assist in avoiding a bacterial infection of the vulnerable and damaged sunburned skin. One of the main reasons people develop a fever or “sun poisoning” is due to a bacterial infection of the sunburned skin. CBD can therefore aid in preventing this miserable “sun poisoning” experience. Lastly, CBD is extremely useful for sunburns since one of the most common and guaranteed symptoms is painful skin of the affected, burned area. CBD is known and professionally recognized as a potent pain reliever for moderate , severe and chronic pain. So, while CBD can help fight against infection and ease inflammation, it will also help relieve the pain associated with sun burned and damaged skin. It is clearly a no brainer when it comes to sun protection and care! 

How to Use CBD for Sunburns or After-Sun Care

Use 1: CBD can be used as preventative care for sunburns, combined with your favorite SPF or using a sunscreen with cbd already included in the formula. Sun is associated with aging and skin damage when not protected properly or strategically. Part of this is the drying and dehydrating consequence of excess sun exposure and also the DNA damage and potential cancer risk from UVA radiation. Using CBD lotion before or with SPF will not only keep your skin extra moisturized, but will work proactively against the inflammatory reactions that are linked to topical DNA damage that leads to aging and skin cancer risk. 

Use 2: To heal inflamed skin at the peak of skin damage and pain. CBD is safe and gentle enough to use at the peak of a sunburn. Using CBD after sunburn will not only accelerate healing, but it will also reduce the negative effects of pain and sensitivity that impede on one’s regular day to day activities that are not usually accompanied by painful sensitive or hot skin. Using a trusted CBD cream as soon as you notice that you are sunburned, can reduce pain and redness, making it easier to go throughout your day as usual. 

Use 3: CBD lotion for sunburn is not only helpful in emergency situations, but also useful and effective for daily use.  CBD skin care can help fight aging and also protect against most skin conditions associated with inflammation such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. CBD lotion can be used as a routine moisturizer to maintain a healthy glow and tan. Keeping skin moisturized is key to keeping a tan as long as possible. If your skin dries out and peels, the tan is less likely to last and keep you protected from future sun damage. Our nighttime CBD product- Do Not Disturb can help you get the best sleep, lock in moisture, and ease inflammation nightly when used on your body.  Our Most Wanted face oil can be used both daytime and before bed, to help maintain moisturized, calm and clear skin throughout the day and night.

Lastly, let's discuss using CBD products that we trust. You always want to check the ingredients of anything you're using on your skin, especially if it's in a vulnerable and inflamed state, (as it would be after excess sun exposure.) While your skin is sunburned, it is more open so you definitely don’t want to be putting anything on your skin that you wouldn't want absorbed into your bloodstream. Check for toxic chemical ingredients such as phthalates and parabens when looking for a CBD cream you trust. You also want to make sure it's packaged in high quality and ideally reusable packaging that maintains the quality and freshness of the skincare product. Glass and non see-through packaging are much better than plastic.

Now that you have learned all the benefits of CBD for sunburn aftercare, you can feel confident using it before, after, and during sun exposure for optimal results and overall skin health. This way, you can enjoy the positive health effects of the sun while avoiding the risk of inflammation, pain and aging that may otherwise come along with it. And remember, practice safe sun exposure! Use a high quality SPF you trust for your skin type, and aim to get sun in the early morning before going out midday. 

Cheers to healthy, happy skin at all times of the year!

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